Wednesday, June 10, 2009

East-West Center Washington Working Papers

East-West Center Washington Working Papers are non-reviewed and unedited prepublications reporting on research in progress. These papers have a limited distribution, and are available to everyone online as PDF files.
The Dalit Movement and Democratization in Andhra Pradesh
by K.Y. Ratnam
December 2008

State of the States: Mapping India's Northeast
by Bhagat Oinam
November 2008

The State of the Pro-Democracy Movement in Authoritarian Burma
by Kyaw Yin Hlaing
December 2007

Insurgencies in India’s Northeast: Conflict, Co-option & Change
by Subir Bhaumik
July 2007

Origins of the United States-India Nuclear Agreement
by Itty Abraham
May 2007

Internal Displacement, Migration, and Policy in Northeastern India
by Uddipana Goswami
April 2007

Faces of Islam in Southern Thailand
by Imtiyaz Yusuf
March 2007

Committing Suicide for Fear of Death: Power Shifts and Preventive War
by Dong Sun Lee
September 2006

Decentralization, Local Government, and Socio-Political Conflict in Southern Thailand
by Chandra-nuj Mahakanjana
August 2006

Human Rights in Southeast Asia: The Search for Regional Norms
by Herman Joseph S. Kraft
July 2005

Delays in the Peace Negotiations Between the Philippine Government and the Moro Islamic Liberation Front: Causes and Prescriptions
by Soliman M. Santos, Jr.
January 2005

China's Policy on Tibetan Autonomy
by Warren Smith
October 2004

Demographics and Development in Xinjiang after 1949
by Stanley Toops
May 2004

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